9 Mar

Weird how easily
You can reach out to the world
But not your neighbours.


8 Mar

I am a rainstorm
At the end of a long drought,
Heavy and present.


7 Mar

There’s more to life than
These four walls and a paycheck.
Make sure you’re happy.


6 Mar

If it never rained
We would appreciate the
Warmth of the sun less.


5 Mar

None of this matters
When you think about it, in
The grand scheme of things.


4 Mar

I wrote a haiku
As a sign for you, but you’ll
Only miss that, too.


3 Mar

A hunger and thirst
That consumes me completely
That craves something more.


2 Mar

I am not searching
For my other half. I am
Whole all on my own.


1 Mar

D├ęcolletage: French. Noun.
Where touch connects stars to form
My constellation.


28 Feb

We may be stardust,
But life’s no fairytale with
A happy ending.