27 Feb

I built a wall all
Around myself and forgot
To put in a door.


26 Feb

I’m very good at
Not allowing myself to
Be loved by others.


25 Feb

I have a story
I want to write on your lips
With mine as my pen.


24 Feb

Never waste your time
Trying to convince someone
Of how great you are.


23 Feb

If I got five bills
Every time I thought of you
Well, maybe I’d start.


22 Feb

Island full of gems:
Indescribable beauty
In my own backyard.


20 Feb

Waking up at the
Right Time means I can watch a
Sunrise from my bed.


19 Feb

I tried to write my
haiku in French today, but…
Pas assez de mots.


18 Feb

There’s more to me than
What you see and what you think
You know about me.


17 Feb

Celebrate daily
How far you have come, and too
How much you have grown.