Soundtrack to my Week: 28 February

We may be stardust,
But life’s no fairytale with
A happy ending.

I built a wall all
Around myself and forgot
To put in a door.

I’m very good at
Not allowing myself to
Be loved by others.

I have a story
I want to write on your lips
With mine as my pen.

Never waste your time
Trying to convince someone
Of how great you are.

If I got five bills
Every time I thought of you
Well, maybe I’d start.

Island full of gems:
Indescribable beauty
In my own backyard.


I never knew where I was going. I went where the water was flowing.

Been a while, huh?
Check out what I’ve been listening to over the past week.

Everything happens
For a reason. That reason
Won’t always be clear.