27 Dec

I’m almost afraid to write anything here, for fear of getting too personal.

There’s a certain quiet comfort that I’ve enjoyed, existing mostly within my own mind. A lot of my thoughts, I’ve kept to myself. It’s easier that way; I get to not only enjoy my privacy, but I also get to enjoy that whole deep, enigmatic, ‘mysterious chick’ aura that I’m told surrounds me.
When I write, however, I can’t help it; everything just comes spilling out. I’m no longer very mysterious, and probably turn out to be significantly more boring than one might have previously suspected.
And now that I know that a few more people are reading (hi!), there’s absolutely no pressure. Ha.

But not to worry! I’ve been working on a couple of things that should be published within the next few days (Insha’Allah), so stay tuned, and thanks for the support so far.