I’ve never been crazy about New York. I have famously said that New York is nice, but overrated; Chicago is better.

But I am not one to live in stubborn denial when I am proven wrong about something. 

I have family living in New York that I see infrequently and miss desperately, and for about a year I’ve been ‘backburnering’ a trip to visit them.
In yoga practice, there’s this thing called a drishti, which in a nutshell is a point of calming focus that is very helpful to keep in mind during a difficult or challenging practice. I’d been feeling myself coming a bit undone, and it sounds really cheesy, but these particular members of my family are all my drishtis. It doesn’t matter what I do when I am with them, but spending time with them and just being around them in general is a very good and calming experience.

In about mid-April, I was chatting with my friend, Andrew, who was telling me all about the Governor’s Ball Music Festival, a really awesome three-day long festival that he was going to. I’d never heard of it before, so as I am wont to do, I did my research. It’s a relatively new music festival (started in 2011) that features a very diverse line up of musicians from a wide variety of genres, so there’s something for everyone. It did sound pretty awesome, I’d never been to one of these things before, and I had been planning to hit up New York soon anyway… at the same time, my cousin mentioned that she was heading up to NY from Boston for the same festival. It really seemed like the universe was telling me to do it, so I did.

Five days passed in a blurry flurry of activity. Between spending much needed quality time with my family, brunching and bar hopping, people watching, cute dog watching, music festival going, meeting and chatting with the random person (people here are generally a lot more friendly than popular culture would lead you to believe), more than one instance of justbarely catching the subway, shopping and sightseeing, walking around the city for hours… I had a great time.

New York’s not so bad. I get it now.

I went to vino heaven.

Family day at my little cousin’s fencing class. I now realise  fencing is kind of a perfect pursuit for the passive-aggressive spirit in me. What other Olympic sport allows you to literally poke, prod, and needle someone from a comfortable distance until you win?

An all-girl marching band!

Burgers and bottomless mimosas for brunch. (Say that five times fast.)

Creeping on high in Warby Parker in Manhattan.



Mayer Hawthorne! Soooo good.


My parries.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in my life.

Keeping yourself occupied between performances.


If I ever pick up myself and go to an EDM concert, they have to be as good as Big Gigantic. These guys really brought it: drums, saxophonists, trumpets, a fantastic light show… *and* excellent DJ-ing? I’ve been spoiled.

Lana was disappointing. Whatever, Lana! A good time was still had!  (Side note: it's been six months since I asked. Nobody's buying me an iPhone for real? Look at this photo's quality vs the others. LOOK.)

Lana was disappointing. Whatever, Lana! A good time was still had!  (Side note: it’s been six months since I asked. Nobody’s buying me an iPhone for real? Look at this photo’s quality vs the others. LOOK.)

Walking across RFK Bridge.


Renting Citibikes in Dumbo. We rode across the Brooklyn Bridge and around the city. Pretty nerve-wracking at times, but very fun!

Look at this big guy!

And this big guy!

And these guys!

Wall Street.

Trident Church. So beautiful, my phone couldn’t handle it.

All these aesthetic dead people.

...and these aesthetic living people.

…and these aesthetic living people.

All kinds of security for the NYSE.

There’s a picture where he’s not side-eyeing me quite so much, but the side-eye picture is just so funny.

This is what heaven tastes like. 

New York was a little sad I was leaving. Me too, New York. Me too.


Until next time.