5 Oct


Disclaimer: Yes, I am completely aware of how behind I am with this. Don’t judge me. I’ve been neglectful. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

This blog post is well over two months in the making. I’ve just been… busy.
So far, my twenty-sixth year has been good to me and I’ve just been trying to keep up with it.

June 2015
This birthday was, hands down, the best birthday I’d had in years.

Let me lay some groundwork.

The plans for my birthday weekend were as follows:
Friday – Saturday: Go to Ocho Rios to see visiting friend, hang out with friend all day
Saturday night – Sunday: Head to Discovery Bay to relax at villa with friends

It was, overall, supposed to be a pretty chill birthday. The high point of the weekend, in my view, was seeing my visiting friend, because this was not just any friend. This was a friend that I met online seven years ago, back when I was still an insufferable, angsty teenager and it wasn’t quite so scary to meet people online. She was coming to Jamaica for a weekend and we were finally going to meet in person. Over the course of seven years, we had developed a friendship that can best be described as sisterhood. She was there for many important, pivotal moments in my life, and likewise, I was for her.

This was the sort of thing I’d only ever read about in books, or seen in a movie based on a work of fiction about the largely uneventful life and times of some random teen-aged dreamer. Something that I legitimately thought would never happen… was happening. And no amount of pinching could wake me from this very real dream that was coming true.

Suffice it to say that this was probably one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I’ve had in my life. I definitely entertained, many many times, the possibility that I had been catfished for years and was about to either be murdered, kidnapped, or worst of all, extremely embarrassed. And I concluded that, if that was the case, well. I guess I deserve it. Well played, my dear, very well played. 

It turned out pretty well, I’d say. 


Of course, I bawled like a baby was a thug.

We had a great time: exchanged gifts, went out to eat, drink, party, sunned by the pool, got our nails done, and did all the girly things that we could possibly fit into a 48 hour period. Alas, before we knew it, our time was up. After many hugs and kisses and promises that we would see each other again very soon, I was whisked away at the stroke of midnight to my friend’s villa in Discovery Bay.

I had, up until this point, gone my whole life without having anyone manage to successfully surprise me; somehow I always suspect something’s up, or figure it out.  When I arrived at the villa, however…

I was surprised multiple times over in a matter of minutes by friends, including one that had only just returned to the island the day before. A few of these friends had never actually spent any real time hanging out with each other, but what they had in common was their friendships with me, and their desire to surprise me for my birthday.

When I learned the lengths they went to in order to pull this off (the trickery! the lies!), I was overwhelmed by the love I felt. I’m a happy-cry kind of person, and I happy-bawled.

Even though I am so very late recapping this, I’m glad I did. Thinking about all of this all over again allowed me to really consider how thankful and appreciative I am of the people that I have in my life, and of the circumstances that led to them being in it. 

Geez, I’m lucky. Best birthday ever.

These crazy kids (minus the one behind the camera).

Thank you, you crazy kids you (including you,  behind the camera).